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My sister is getting married

My sister is getting married this weekend. And it's not a wedding you would call normal. They are having their wedding in Brittany. That's a long way from home since we live all they way back in Sweden. But I actually think it's going to be great. I'm really looking forward to the wedding. I wonder how many will come to the wedding. The wedding is going to be outside also, so i really hope that it doesn't start raining or something. But I think that it will be a great wedding!

A Halloween party

My son has a class party next week and the theme will be Halloween and Taco's. A mum of one of the children made a list of all the things we need for this party and she sent everybody this list. At this list you can write your name after a thing which will be needed for the Taco's. For example: salad, sauce and drinks. If you as a parent want to take care of something you can write your name behind a thing and then you have to send it to all the parents so they know what is ...